Training days

Yesterday was a training day. Eight miles is what the chart said to do. I was going to wait to do the miles today because I had an early morning the day prior; I flew up and back across California with a very early morning flight and then a delayed flight on the way back. I really did tell myself I was going to do it in Sunday, but for some reason I went out and ran anyway. My guess is my body was telling me if you don’t go out today you are cheating yourself and may not actually go and do the miles. Psychological really. You should always get out and do some miles even if it is as far as you can go because it is training after all. You don’t want to lose moment nor do you want to be a slacker. 

I am glad that I got out yesterday even though I was tired. I did walk a bit, but I didn’t stop until my body said, “hey it’s time.” I may not have finished all eight but I got out there and didn’t give in to the thought of saying, “I’ll do it another day”, because I know that day will never come. 

So always get out and do what you can. I almost made my miles yesterday. Just couldn’t do more than 7.66 miles. 

This week will be different.