It’s all about Morning and Night

So I couldn’t decide between my favorites because I loved so many. I gave you the option to choose which you loved instead.

WeeklyPhotoChallenge: Rise and Set


A Morning’s Drive

My work gets me up early so I have the chance to catch some gorgeous sunrises. 

This was one in late March through Northern California farmland. 

Weekly PhotoChallege:TheRoadTaken

A Quiet Reflection

There was a peaceful calm this morning when I walked out the door. You know the one where there is no wind, no car noises, no movement at all. The only noise that one could hear was the birds singing and flitting about. I stood there waiting for the dog to come back from her morning business romp and just breathed. Where am I heading? What lies ahead in the future? In an interview the other day I was asked what my short and long term goals were. Short term: I would like to have a job- I really do. I want to make a difference. I want to help people. I want to be able to utilize my skills and knowledge somehow. Long term: I do not know where I’ll be long term. Its funny. I use to have that all figured out but when I left my job a couple years ago it all went out the window. I know that I want to help others. I know I have the skill set to be successful. I just need to be given a chance.

This morning listening to the birds singing and flitting about preparing for their spring nesting and their futures gave me hope that maybe my future holds something bright and fulfilling as well.

Hope.Determination. Willpower. Never give up.