Repurposed lights

Here is what I have repurposed. We go target clay shooting and what better way to repurpose the spent shells and old Christmas lights that to put the two together. 

I’ve even written an arrticle and posted it out on Yahoovoices when it was around, but that has since gone by the wayside. If anyone would like the directions I’m happy to post here. 

Weekly Photo Challege: Repurpose


Simple rules for simple lives

1. Don’t live in the past. What happened happened. Move on.

2. Let go of the unnecessary drama that surrounds you.

3. People who are negative weigh you down- get rid of them.

4. Live within your means. Anything other is not simple.

5. Always say please and thank you. Someone will do the same for you one day.

6. When needed, count to 10 and breathe. Then move on with your day.

7. Failure happens, embrace it and learn from it. If you don’t fail, you have not lived.

8. Enjoy the small things in life. When they are gone you can’t get them back.

9. Be the best you can be, even on days you feel terrible inside.

10. Smile. Sometimes it may be the hardest thing to do, but someone else may need a smile in their life too.