Live your life

People pass through our lives every day. In a meeting today we learned of an individual who some of us didn’t know worked on our project but made a significant impact had passed away. From what people said about the person, they seemed wonderful and I wished that I had been able to meet them. One person who knew them made a statement that resonated with me, “Live today like there is no tomorrow”. 

I think that in all that we do we should be living each moment of each day as if it were the last. Take a risk, do something out of the ordinary, talk to someone new, try something different. You never know when that last day may come. So many dreadful things happen in the world today that we need to not be scared of what is out there but embrace what we can do, feel, enjoy. 

Live your life. I know I will be. 


To Jump With Both Feet

Someone recently said to me, “You tend to jump in with both feet…” I’ve thought about this a lot lately. Don’t we all jump in with both feet? It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we should jump so that we land firmly on the ground. We don’t want to land sideways, or lopsided, or even break something on the way down- we want to land square on the ground so we know where we stand. The person who told me this hasn’t been in my life for quite some time and doesn’t know the struggles or the issues that I’ve had to deal with since we last talked. They just, out of the blue sent a message to me (oh and lied about the timing of the message sending too). Funny thing about time stamps and internet, you always know when things come in these days. So I guess them saying to me, “You tend to jump in with both feet” when I ask why they are trying to connect with me after such a hiatus, to me it seems a bit trivial. Why not jump in with both feet and ask the questions? Why not find out the reasons why they want to talk to me now? Why not get to the root of the situation? If that is jumping in then I shall jump. I’ve never been one to back down. I think it scares people. Intimidates them in fact. I think they feel only men can really do something like that. Women are suppose to be sweet and quiet. Well all I have to say is get used to it. I jump with both feet and make a big splash. I take risks. We all should.

My treasured trinket

I’ve had this trinket for a very long time. In fact, it has been almost 30 years since it was given to me. It’s been tucked away in its box holding on to its memories until just a couple years ago. Someone I cared deeply about who broke my heart gave this trinket to me and I couldn’t bear to wear it any longer. It was difficult to even see the box at times.

One day I was rummaging through my stuff and came across the box. I hesitated and wasn’t sure if I should open it. So much had happened in my life lately that seeing the trinket couldn’t make matters worse. I took a risk. I told myself, ‘Why not, time and life have a way of healing old wounds and you find strength in letting go of the pain.’ When I opened the box and took out my trinket, I no longer felt the pain associated with the memories. Instead I saw the beauty in the etching of the heart. I was relieved to find a bit of strength inside the box.

Some might think, ‘How can a silly little trinket do that for you?’ I ask you ‘Why have a lucky rabbits foot?’ or say ‘Why have a lucky cat in your window?’ Same difference, it gives you peace of mind, clarity, focus.


It isn’t always something one can explain. Sometimes it is just something one has to experience.


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