To be heard

You wonder sometimes if you are heard.

I sit on conference calls a lot and when I speak up at times I don’t know if people are listening or grasping for things to do while I talk. Have I been heard?

In another situation silence makes you wonder if what you have said means you’ve been heard.

I often try to talk to my adult college age child about important matters (i.e. Scholarship deadlines, money, life plans, choices) and wonder- have I been heard. 

There are times when I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs just to see if anyone will react because I am invisible to them and unheard. 

What does it take to be heard nowadays? Does it take people to fight in the streets, post ridiculous media segments, protest for a cause that is only one sided or be part of something you know is not within your moral ground. Is that what it takes to be heard? If it is- I’d rather be silent.

Daily Prompt: Heard


An hour other than 6am

I’m not sure 6am is the Golden Hour. When I hear those words strung together I think of evening more than morning. An end to a day more than a beginning. Therefore, my Golden Hour is when the sunsets and it sets at different hours throughout the year.

For me, there is no true Golden hour! just the peace when the sun goes down. The solitude that lies in that time is quiet. Next time you experience a sun setting, just listen to everything around you. Families begin to settle in for the night, the birds chirping begins to slow, he murmur of the cars dulls, lighting in homes turns on. Everywhere becomes a little more quiet and peaceful.

That is the Golden Hour.

Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour