To be heard

You wonder sometimes if you are heard.

I sit on conference calls a lot and when I speak up at times I don’t know if people are listening or grasping for things to do while I talk. Have I been heard?

In another situation silence makes you wonder if what you have said means you’ve been heard.

I often try to talk to my adult college age child about important matters (i.e. Scholarship deadlines, money, life plans, choices) and wonder- have I been heard. 

There are times when I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs just to see if anyone will react because I am invisible to them and unheard. 

What does it take to be heard nowadays? Does it take people to fight in the streets, post ridiculous media segments, protest for a cause that is only one sided or be part of something you know is not within your moral ground. Is that what it takes to be heard? If it is- I’d rather be silent.

Daily Prompt: Heard


Childhood Memories

Every now and then we go back in time, does anyone know what I mean? A smell, a song, a familiar sight it doesn’t matter what it is but we are taken back.  Several things take me back to my childhood and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all sunshine and roses but I do remember the happy moments most- I think we all do in some way.

My best moments to remember are playing at the beach near the lake, taking walks in the woods near the river or lake with my boyfriend, or playing in the front yard. As a child I loved to make forts out of blankets and believing I were in some other country. I am not a camper so this was the closest thing I ever got to really camping and it was perfectly fine with me. Other moments were playing with my Adventure People. Loved them. So many adventures and careers I pretended to be: EMT, Nurse, Rock Climber, Marine Life Rescue Worker, the list can go on- I had a great imagination. I also can’t leave out playing with Evil Kanevil and Dary Daring. I guess growing up in the mountains with your friends spread out throughout the Lake Tahoe basin it was hard to always get to their houses and one needed to be creative and learn to use their imagination. 

If you were to ask a GenX or GenY what they did, the answer would be different. I’m glad I was able to have fun, experience the outside and live. Your mind is an endless creative way to socialize even if it is with toys and the memories you create are lasting. 

Daily Prompt: Childhood

If a suitcase could talk…

Most people have some sort of suitcase they carry around. It may not be a travel bag with wheels and a handle. It may be a duffle bag, a backpack, or a military grade rucksack- but it is still similar to a suitcase. 

It goes places, sees things, knows things. I’ve always wondered what my suitcase would say if it could talk. Did it have a horrible flight like I did? Was it squeezed in between two other suitcases big and small under the plane as I in the main cabin? How was the cleaning service in the room while I was downstairs in the meeting- did anyone disturb anything? If only my suitcase could tell me. 

For now me though, my suitcase and I will continue to travel around until we can take a break or rest. It will keep its secrets of travel and I will continue with my adventures one location at a time. 


Daily Prompt: Suitcase

Live your life

People pass through our lives every day. In a meeting today we learned of an individual who some of us didn’t know worked on our project but made a significant impact had passed away. From what people said about the person, they seemed wonderful and I wished that I had been able to meet them. One person who knew them made a statement that resonated with me, “Live today like there is no tomorrow”. 

I think that in all that we do we should be living each moment of each day as if it were the last. Take a risk, do something out of the ordinary, talk to someone new, try something different. You never know when that last day may come. So many dreadful things happen in the world today that we need to not be scared of what is out there but embrace what we can do, feel, enjoy. 

Live your life. I know I will be. 

Thoughts on a sunny day

It’s a gorgeous day here. 75 pushing 80 degrees, blue skies, birds singing and a slight breeze. Not too much to complain about right? Sounds fantastic. I’ve even accomplished tasks to enjoy the rest of my day so that I can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and head out to the store if need be. I just feel like there is something more I need to be doing. I often feel this way, as if there is something else that I need to get done. I can give 110% of myself and still feel like it isn’t enough.

Overachiever. Perfectionist. Maybe.

I have been told to scale back and take it easy, do the minimum and leave the rest for others. My questions, what if it doesn’t get done? Who will do it? Should I leave things?

I’m sure they are simple to answer but am I ready to release the reins a bit and let others do things? I think that is the biggest question of all.

My thoughts that I ponder over on this gorgeous sun filled day.

80s Revival

I’ve noticed the ‘daily prompts’ are a bit 80s song titled lately…

Never Surrender
We Built This City
Let’s Go Crazy
The Heat Is On
Our House
Against All Odds (movie)
Always Something There To Remind Me
Careless Whisper

Is there a group of 80s music fans writing the prompts? I don’t mind, I love the music but there just is no inspiration in writing for me to any of those prompts lately. Do you have mor variety? Anything else? A list perhaps to choose from? This is just my observation and I’ll chime in later with my own thoughts for the day but, we need something more.

There’s no better time than the present

There seems to be no right time to start a blog. In fact, there are people who say ‘why blog at all?’ For those of us who have always written our thoughts down in notebooks, on cocktail napkins, on paper bags, or even paper towels- why NOT blog?

So today, I am starting this blog. It will be thoughts, musings, tidbits of information as they come to me. Nothing more. I just need a place to put all those pieces of paper into one location.