Stop and breathe

I recently took a trip back out to California and it dawned on me that folks there seem to be consistently in overdrive.

Don’t get me wrong, I Love California. Born, raised, wed and raised my own child there, but it has been nice to live away from the hustle and bustle. Everyone is always tapped in to something and always in such a rush.

Cars zoom in and out of traffic lanes, people push past you to get in line for coffee, airport terminals are crammed with people, it has become a constantly moving and sensory overload environment if you are not in it everyday.

Small bites nowadays. I can take small bites. I love my home state but I also like being less rushed.

DailyPrompt: Rush


A Morning’s Drive

My work gets me up early so I have the chance to catch some gorgeous sunrises. 

This was one in late March through Northern California farmland. 

Weekly PhotoChallege:TheRoadTaken

If a suitcase could talk…

Most people have some sort of suitcase they carry around. It may not be a travel bag with wheels and a handle. It may be a duffle bag, a backpack, or a military grade rucksack- but it is still similar to a suitcase. 

It goes places, sees things, knows things. I’ve always wondered what my suitcase would say if it could talk. Did it have a horrible flight like I did? Was it squeezed in between two other suitcases big and small under the plane as I in the main cabin? How was the cleaning service in the room while I was downstairs in the meeting- did anyone disturb anything? If only my suitcase could tell me. 

For now me though, my suitcase and I will continue to travel around until we can take a break or rest. It will keep its secrets of travel and I will continue with my adventures one location at a time. 


Daily Prompt: Suitcase

30,000 foot level

From the 30,000 foot level the city is even more beautiful than on the ground. At night when one flies out of San Francisco all you see are lights. The lights of the city, the white and red bead of lights that form strings of traffic throughout, and the fingers of fog that stretch from the Pacific to the inner heart of the city. It is captivating and peaceful-from up here. 

It has been a long week on the road for me;  presentations, webinars, and meetings all rolled into one. Three different cities, one rental car, two flights, and three hotels. I am ready to go home and get some much needed rest and relaxation. The fall conference season is winding down and while there is no rest for the wicked, may there be rest for the weary. 

For now, I will just enjoy the city lights below as I make my way home through the night. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Although I was not able to grab my camera and go outside today because of other reasons, I think they will meet the challenge.


Snapped while my son was sliding into home plate one day.


These stairs caught our eye in Nassau from a moving vehicle.


Disney always has a way to make patterns out of simple lines don’t they?


A simple air filter for instance cast great lines when lit up Disney style.

My meaning of home

If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you?

I grew up in one place for 18 years, moved after that five times to finally settle into my own house 14 years ago. I like my house and can call it a home. It gives me comfort knowing that I have someplace to come back to when I do travel, but we don’t plan on staying in this house forever.

My husband and I made a pact a while back. This was after we had moved around with the government every couple years to Hawaii, Las Vegas and California. It was difficult for me to find a job that I enjoyed, raise our son, and complete second degrees. We decided that we would stay long enough in one place for us to complete second degrees, find a career I enjoyed, and then if the timing was right, and our son was in between schools, we’d move. Well we are still here 10 years after the second degrees were finished. Our plan didn’t exactly pan out, but it isn’t lost either. A lot of good has come from staying but we are now just waiting for our son to complete high school and are ready to move on. People ask, ‘aren’t you worried that your son won’t have a HOME to come back too?’ Of course he will have a home. His home is wherever Mom and Dad are. It isn’t like we will leave all his stuff here, even though we joke with him about turning his room into a retreat for old folks or a Man Cave, but all jokes aside he knows that wherever we are that is where home will be.

At this stage in our life we are not tied to a building. We are okay traveling from place to place but not in the true nomadic fashion or lifestyle that people are accustomed too. We’d be fine going for a couple years to a location and packing up and moving again. We’d also be fine packing up and moving to an entirely different state. I’m not locked into a job right now so if my husband were to move us after my son graduates then ‘Farewell California it’s been real’.

Home is what you make of wherever you are. Today, the house that we live in I have made a home for my family. Tomorrow may have a different front door, a different porch, a different view, but it will still be our home.

In response to the Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home